About Us

Jobdroid is your online Employment Agency where you get to make the decisions with all the tools available to a traditional Employment Agency plus a few tools that are not. Jobdroid's mission is to provide a transparent, factual and fast platform of valuable and meaningful information providing employers and employees a simple and efficient method of obtaining work.
Let's face it, as an employee looking for work, no one knows what type of work suits you and floats your boat like you do. As an employer, no one knows your business like you do, Jobdroid removes the sales aspect generally delivered by traditional agencies and puts you in control. Jobdroid has combined the traditional recruitment tools used by it's major partner 1800DRIVERS Pty Ltd with the latest technology delivery a truly unique and innovative employment platform.

The Team at JobDroid believe in doing things differently. We believe In:

  • Working Smarter

    We created JobDroid because we knew there was a better way to hire and be hired

  • Access from any where

    Online access is not only fairer, its more convenient

  • Transparency

    No smoke and mirrors! JobDroid puts you in control so that you get the best candidate for your job, not the only one available.

  • The Now Economy

    We are in the NOW economy, where things happen today. Are you with us?